Parent contribution to and involvement with the program is important to children’s development and the general success of our Montessori programs.

The NWT Montessori Society fosters partnerships with parents to promote mutual trust, respect and develop the ethical and moral conduct of our students. Parents benefit from a strong association with the school and with other parents who share similar values and aspirations for their children.

The primary CASA classes and public classes offer various opportunities for parents and their families to become involved and collectively enrich our classroom and school environment.


Important aspects of contribution and involvement include:


1. Fundraising Participation

We encourage parents to take an active role in our fundraising. There are plenty of participation opportunities within the school year. These opportunities will be provided by the Executive Director, parents will be notified when the opportunities are available. 

 2. Committee Involvement

Fundraising Committee: Assist the Fundraising Chairperson with the development & execution of fundraising opportunities.

Building and Maintenance Committee: Maintenance of building, equipment and grounds (e.g., repair and maintenance of building and equipment as needed, landscaping and lawn care, etc.) and provision of advice on capital needs.           

Special Committees: As required special committees are formed and require member involvement.

3. Classroom Assistance

We encourage every parent to spend time in the classroom. This time can be spent reading to the children, presenting a special craft or musical instrument, organizing a celebration, baking or cooking with the children or sharing any other special talent you may be gifted with. These activities will be scheduled by the teacher.  Please keep in mind that this time spent volunteering does not count towards your fundraising requirement.