Primary Casa Program – The NWT Montessori Society offers three Primary Casa classrooms at two separate locations. The Yellowknife Montessori School houses two Primary Casa classrooms, with the third classroom located at the NJ Macpherson School. The Yellowknife Montessori School can provide space to 80 full time students, with the NJ location serving 48 full time spaces. After School Care programs are offered at both locations. [ READ MORE ]

Summer Camp -This year we are offering a new Summer Day Camp program for childeren ages 3 – 5. We offer our program to both Montessori & non-Montessori children in July and August. Children will be engaged in this summers weekly themes, and experience fun educational activities to keep their love of learning active all summer long! With trips to the museum, nature hikes, swimming, crafts, music, history of the North, There is something to peak every child’s interest! [ READ MORE ]

YK1 Public Program – The Yellowknife Montessori School continues its innovative and adaptable approach to education while adhering to core Montessori philosophies and beliefs. We are pleased to be offering the Yellowknife Public Montessori Program in partnership with Yellowknife Education District #1 (YK1), with a primary (age five) classroom, a lower elementary classroom (ages 6 – 9) and an upper elementary classroom (ages 10 -12). This program is located at NJ Macpherson School. [ READ MORE ]