YK1 Public Program

The Yellowknife Montessori School continues its innovative and adaptable approach to education while adhering to core Montessori philosophies and beliefs.

For the fourth year running, we are pleased to be offering the Yellowknife Public Montessori Program in partnership with Yellowknife Education District #1 (YK1) http://yk1.nt.ca, with a primary (age five) classroom, a lower elementary classroom (ages 6 – 9) and an upper elementary classroom (ages 10 -12).

This program is located at NJ Macpherson School http://www.njm.yk1.nt.ca. Each class has a certified Montessori trained teacher.

Benefits of the Yellowknife Public Montessori Program include:

(1) Expanded access to resources for Montessori teachers and students (library, gym, special ed, music, staff resources)*Increased accessibility – no tuition fees for those in the program.

(2) Building a Montessori community for students, staff and teachers.

Contact us for more information about this program.